How To Repair Relationships After Addiction

Relationships After Addiction
April 30, 2016 at 4:01 pm

Repair Relationships After Addiction

Drug addiction not only affects the a person’s physical health but also brings about a crack in many relationships. Addiction becomes a family disease because along with the addictive person, his whole family walks through the phase of recovery. They face the hardships together and try their best to showcase their support towards their loved one who is recovering. In this tedious process, a few families and loved ones get lucky and manage to stick together. But often, there might be a rift in relationships due to addiction.

Every relationship’s foundation is the love and affection you feel towards one another. Once you are out of the recovery phase and have fully cured, it is time for you to mend your relationships which went through the test of time. Many a times, the addicts aggressive behavior might have caused the bridge in the relation to topple off. Once you are genuinely apologetic, your loved one will definitely be gracious enough to take you back. After all, it is the family members who are more than happy when you get out of the trap of addiction.

“Family is a circle of strength and love. With every birth and union it grows. 

Every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger. “

Understanding that it would be hard for everyone, not only the addict is the foremost important step towards bonding back in a relationship. A crisis is never easy to overcome unless we have the strength to cross the path. Trust in your partner is the main goal as relationships are built on trust. Make your partner believe that you would not go in the negative path again. Work and make them believe that you have recovered completely and you are willing to work on a better relationship. There will really not be as much problems if we communicate with each other directly.

In case you have been rude in the past due to influence, apologies to them. Let them know that you are genuinely sorry about the incident and make sure that it never happens in the future. You may make a number of promises, but if they were made to be broken, then there is no point in it. Instead of making promises with just words, make it into action for them to believe you completely.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced. “

Face the reality and work towards building the relationship to a new level. The past cannot be erased completely, but the process of healing can be started even today. And all this starts with communication. You cannot expect a miracle to happen in a single day. They will also require time to heal from the wounds of the past. Give them some time but don’t disappear in this time. Be active in your life and make them realize that you have really changed for the better.

Involve in volunteering and other services after your recovery phase is over, for it will make you feel better. The worthiness of life can be learnt when you start lending a helping hand to someone who needs it. You will realize the values of life and the path that you travel will be enlightened.

You can also attend councillings and workshops with your partner if they are willing to save the relationship. These workshops not only save your relationship but also creates a new bonding between you and your partner. You get to know better about each other’s struggles and get to respect each other more.

In case your close pals have moved far from you because of your addiction it is better to approach them. But if your friends have the potential to expose you to drugs again, it is better to stay away from them. It is always advisable to hang out in a different place which is less tempting to consume alcohol or drugs. After recovery the addict will be in a very vulnerable state and cravings for the drug may start when they are exposed to it. So it is better to avoid something which you have managed to fight for so long. Value the time and energy you have spent on quitting the drug and everything seems like a better option.

“It’s not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them defines us. “

Try and correct your mistakes with a full heart. Don’t expect things to change overnight. Give it time and patience. Always trust that everything that happened in your life has a reason and one day the pieces of the puzzle will fall together for you to understand it. Don’t try to point out other’s mistakes. Rather than that you can try to plot where you went wrong and correct the same.

If your partner doesn’t feel comfortable to give you another chance or to try and make things work out, give it a rest. Don’t push them too much for love is an involuntary action. It is built on the strong walls of trust. Once this wall collapses it is hard to build it back. But always believe that true relationships never end. If it was mean to be you will always end up together, no matter what.

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. 

Tip toe if you must. But take the step. “

Let go of the sense of rejection first before you approach your loved one. True love has no bounds. Family and loved ones will always be happy to have you back. A person who truly loves you will stand by your side no matter how harsh the tornado is. Make sure that you give credit to your family who helped you though this long journey of recovery. Always be grateful for your loved ones who have supported you throughout the process. Value your relationships and shower your love for them.