Support Groups for Families of Addicts

Support Groups for Families of Addicts
June 9, 2016 at 4:58 pm

Support Groups for Families of Addicts

There are different behaviors that are typically seen by an addicted person. In fact the whole process affects the family both directly and indirectly. Sometimes families of addicts create dysfunctional surrounding. For instance, children of the addicted family might avoid welcoming their friends at their home thus making them to be withdrawn from any social development. According to Pal Group Association addiction is defined as a progressive disease thus with time it multiplies within the family.

The addiction fact is that families of addicts undergo through unusual life circumstances such as instability at home, financial constraints and numerous family dynamics. Sometimes, they might feel like they have nowhere to turn to for relief and comfort. This is where easier thing becomes tough and tough things get more maximized as pain and anger is denied in the family.

With all that has been said, there are various support groups internationally that helps addicts to overcome and accept their addiction and change their lives for life. As a family, you don’t have to deny on what’s happening at your home or family members. Anne McGrath, the mother of a drug addict son once said to New York Times that hiding the addiction problem is worst than sharing it to others for support and reconciliation. She added that, ‘it is important to accept what you are going through as a family, though there might be some depletion on the road to recovery.’’

Finding Aid in Various Support Groups

Without a doubt, addiction to recovery journey is not an easy leg-walking exercise. You might even hear it from your addicted counselors. The support groups are also referred as Mutual Support Groups in which they provide sufficient care and support on a wide range of different issues. They are very different from therapy treatment centers which are managed by medical qualified personnel’s. Note that support groups are managed by registered members. Sources show that if the addicted family participates in various support groups they might probably increase various odds which help the addict to eliminate relapse leptin supplements.

Adfam Addiction Library noted that the main strategy of these groups is to help their members to stand strong and get sober with time. For instance Alcoholics Anonymous Group (AA) is quite known as the best support group. The members tend to strategies on various issues such as talking about how they feel, life events and also how they are improving so as to avoid addiction. Besides, they have set up a twelve step programme thus helping them to come-up with abundant life without using any drugs. Other important support groups for families of addicts include:

Parents of Addicted Loved ones thus (PAL)

If you have a child who is addicted to alcohol or drugs, then you can find reconciliation in PAL organization. It was found by Michael Speak man. The group has helped majority of families and partners in addiction to recovery. It is managed by various volunteer and trained boards. The group helps members to accept their current situation and feeling loved at the same time.

Al-Anon Family Groups

Hope and Strength for families and friends of problem drinkers; thus an Al-Anon Family Group motto. In fact it is seen as the best choice to cure the family addiction thirst. Members tend to share their own stories thus finding comfort and strength for each other. They simply put it- like it is okay for you to gasp what you like and leave the rest to others. It is a suggested support group for families of addicts in general.

Co-Dependents Anonymous Group

The support group name suggests that codependency allows an addict to recover in no time. In other words, the addict may need love and assistance from other family members, thus they are both Co-Dependent. The groups help members to have a healthy lifestyle that is free of being used to each other.

Nar-Anon Family Group

It is a twelve programme support for families of addicts. It provides spiritual recovery and assists the addicts loved ones to learn that addiction is also a disease. Thus they help them to accept and cope up with the current addiction situating in their family. They also have international meetings for young generation and also an online community for easy communication with addicts. They also provide lots of important literature to help the families and members understand what addiction means and recovery as well.

Dual Recovery Anonymous

It is an imperative support group for both family members and other loved ones. Built upon similar Twelve Traditions and steps programmes, it recognizes that not only recovery to addiction is important but also they need care for the disorder that the patient is suffering. The dual-diagnosis patients also receive full education and counseling so as to combat the recovery into something important to the whole society.

Learn to Cope Support Group

It is an extensive teen support group that is highly designed to provide the emotional and moral support needed. The members and family of addicts also get educational materials and important resources. The meetings are officiated by professional guest speaker whose work is to offer adequate insights in recovery journey. The group is based in Massachusetts but it also has an active online society that is always available for free.

Importance of Support Groups

In addition to the basics, John Smith a professional therapist defined support groups as places where families of addicts feel occupied with important life choice. This way, they can easily overcome the denial in the society and emotions too. Besides, the group helps addicts to learn various recovery processes of substance abuse and understand that they can decide to choose positive ways of coping with life challenges.